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Back Bay Scientific is a research-oriented company that develops and commercializes innovative products that address mass-appeal health needs. These products improve the quality of life, and help people to enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives. Back Bay Scientific's products are based on naturally-occurring compounds and have all undergone rigorous testing to confirm their efficacy.

Back Bay Scientific's products have been developed based on research conducted by Doctor Richard Wurtman, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, and Doctor Judith Wurtman, MIT Research Scientist and founder and director of Harvard University's TRIAD Weight Management Center.

The key elements of Back Bay Scientific's product development strategy are:

  • Identifying non-drug products and compounds with broad applications and large, underdeveloped markets
  • Patenting the uses of these compounds and, where possible, their compositions
  • Conducting rigorous clinical testing on the products to confirm their efficacy and to support marketing and advertising claims
  • Testing the acceptability of new products directly with consumers
  • Commercializing our products independently or through selective corporate partnerships that help ensure the timely penetration of target markets

Back Bay Scientific utilizes a three-pronged approach to maximize the commercialization of its products:

  • Domestic and Worldwide Product Licenses to multinational marketing corporations;
  • Direct Sales via our website, toll-free telephone number and Infomercials;
  • Retail & Wholesale Sales

Back Bay Scientific is positioned to become a leader in the commercialization of dietary supplements for the management of common health conditions primarily related to improving physical and emotional well-being, with a special emphasis on women's health issues and problems associated with aging.


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