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Richard Wurtman, M.D. Chairman, is the Cecil H. Green Distinguished Professor at MIT, the Director of its Clinical Research Center and a co-founder of Back Bay Scientific. Dr. Wurtman is also a professor in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences & Technology, and in MIT's Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences. Dr. Wurtman graduated from Harvard Medical School and did his clinical training at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and basic-science training at the National Institutes of Health, before coming to MIT. Dr. Wurtman has written or co-authored over 950 articles in peer-reviewed journals, edited or written 17 books, and been the inventor in 52 United States patents (and 10 pending patents) and numerous international patents. Dr. Wurtman was the co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor for Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a position he held until August of 1999.

Judith Wurtman, Ph.D. Chief Scientist, is a Research Scientist at MIT, the founder and director of Harvard University's TRIAD Weight Management Center and a co-founder of Back Bay Scientific. Dr. Wurtman received her Ph.D. in cell biology from MIT and received additional training as an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow in nutrition/obesity. Following the completion of her training, Dr. Wurtman established a research career based on nutrition/obesity and has become a recognized international authority on the causes and treatments of various types of obesity. Dr. Wurtman has written 5 books and co-edited numerous others and written or co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed articles. Dr. Wurtman was the founding research scientist of Internutria, a position she held until December of 1998.

Marc Tobin, Vice President and General Counsel, is a co-founder of Back Bay Scientific. Prior to starting Back Bay Scientific, Mr. Tobin served as General Counsel of, Inc. from August 1998 to September of 2000 and as Corporate Secretary from September 1999 to September 2000 during which time he guided the company through its initial public offering on NASDAQ. Before joining, Inc., Mr. Tobin served as Corporate Counsel to Slim Fast Foods Company, Advanced Nutrition Foods Company, Inc. and Thompson Medical Company, Inc. and their various international subsidiaries from October 1991 to July 1998. In addition, Mr. Tobin served as Assistant Corporate Secretary of Slim Fast and its various foreign subsidiaries from March 1995 to July 1998.


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