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The business strategy of Back Bay Scientific revolves around management's ability to develop and commercialize a portfolio of patented clinically tested products that address mass-health issues that have not yet been addressed by non-drug products.

The key elements of our unique approach include:

  • Identifying non-drug products and compounds with broad applications and large, underdeveloped markets
  • Patenting the product compositions and their resulting uses
  • Conducting clinical testing on the products to support marketing and advertising claims
  • Initial concept testing of the products through commercialization either independently or through selective corporate partnerships that help ensure the timely penetration of target markets
  • Commercializing the products either directly or through the formation of powerful strategic alliances with multi-national or regional partners that will help ensure the timely penetration of target markets

The hallmarks of Back Bay Scientific's processes in support of innovative opportunities are integration and focus. Putting together the right partnership requires not only the commitment of the parties to the strategic alliance; it also requires the right structure for sharing responsibility and success.

Back Bay Scientific is constantly searching for promising new non-drug treatments with broad applications, which will allow us to take advantage of promising opportunities in an expedited time frame.

Pharmaceutical, natural and consumer product companies are encouraged to contact us to discuss product license opportunities.


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