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Back Bay Scientific's approach to product development starts in the laboratory with the discovery that a particular food constituent normally affects some aspect of the biochemistry and physiology of the brain. It continues with the demonstration that this response also occurs in people, and the recognition that the constituent can thus be used to help people who are either deficient in the compound (for example, older people with low nighttime blood melatonin levels), or who would benefit from having more of something the brain makes from the compound (for example, serotonin and certain other neurotransmitters). A prototype product containing the compound is then tested in people, using double-blind, placebo-controlled protocols, and appropriate patent applications are filed. The results of the controlled clinical studies are then published in peer-reviewed journals.

Back Bay Scientific's rigorous scientific process sets it apart from its competitors and allows for the substantiation of product claims that satisfy government regulators and the medical community.

Back Bay Scientific clinical scientists first showed in laboratory studies that:

  • eating certain carbohydrates can increase brain serotonin;
  • providing uridine + choline can enhance the production of brain membranes;
  • resveratrol increases the breakdown of the brain protein APP to form its nerve-growth-enhancing product APPs;
  • nicotine enhances and nicotine withdrawal diminishes the release of brain serotonin;
  • women with PMS exhibit symptoms indicative of deficient brain serotonin (mood disturbances; carbohydrate craving; weight gain);
  • melatonin normally is secreted at nighttime, and its administration promotes sleep;
  • when people take 5HTP alone, it passes into their blood and can enter the brain and be converted to serotonin; and
  • a dietary supplement containing specific carbohydrates can suppress the tendency of overweight people to overeat fat-rich snacks.

Back Bay Scientific's current and in-development products are based on the following compounds:





Uridine and Choline


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