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The Serotrim Weight Loss Plan and the Appetite Control Beverage were developed by Dr. Judith Wurtman and Dr. Richard Wurtman; patented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and licensed exclusively to Back Bay Scientific. The development of Serotrim was based on research discoveries made by the Wurtmans in the basic and clinical research laboratories at MIT, then extensive testing at the Triad Weight Management Center of McLean Hospital, a teaching hospital associated with the Harvard University Medical School.

Serotrim is a fourteen-week weight loss plan that utilizes carbohydrate-rich drinks to supplement a low fat, portion-controlled eating plan. These drinks selectively suppress the excessive snacking behavior that would otherwise maintain the obesity.

The key elements of the Serotrim Weight Loss Plan are:

  • Two carbohydrate-rich Serotrim appetite control beverages which are consumed an hour before lunch and, between 4-5 PM in the afternoon, before dinner;
  • A breakfast consisting of protein, carbohydrate and fruit;
  • A lunch consisting of protein, carbohydrate and vegetables;
  • Moderate daily aerobic exercise;
  • A vegetarian meal for dinner made up of carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta, potatoes, rice and bread;
  • Limiting protein intake to 10-15 grams after lunch

The Serotrim Weight Loss Plan works by raising brain serotonin levels and thus increasing satiety, which in turn reduces between-meal snacking. Dietary protein paradoxically prevents the production of brain serotonin (because the predominant amino acids in protein block the entry of blood tryptophan, serotonin's precursor, into the brain).


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